A New Approach to Complete Software Uninstallation

February 27, 2012 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Chemtable Software has announced new versions of its utilities Reg Organizer 5.40 and Full Uninstall 2.0.

The Reg Organizer tool is intended for the comprehensive service of the system registry in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. The tool allows editing the system registry, searching and replacing data in it, seeking and fixing various errors, defragmenting system registry files, completely uninstalling applications along with all traces they may have left in the system, and much more.

Full Uninstall is a standalone application uninstaller tool separate from Reg Organizer. Full Uninstall’s functions and capabilities exactly repeat those of Reg Organizer.

Previous versions of Reg Organizer allowed users to uninstall a program only if it was installed with the monitoring feature turned on (i.e. when Reg Organizer tracks the installation process and saves all changes it made to the system during it). Otherwise, the application was uninstalled using the default method and thus might leave traces on your disks and in the system registry. Frequent installing and uninstalling of applications using the default method (without Reg Organizer) leads the operating system to overflow quickly with enormous amounts of unnecessary information.

The new version of Reg Organizer 5.40 introduces the ability to seek and eliminate traces of those programs that were installed without tracking by Reg Organizer. After a given program was uninstalled, Reg Organizer suggests searching for any traces (remainders) left in the system and delete them.

The key feature of the updated uninstaller tool in Reg Organizer and Full Uninstall is the ease of use. Indeed, you don’t need any special knowledge to remove any application and its traces from the system. You simply run Reg Organizer, select the application uninstalling tool, find the desired program, and click the “Remove application” button. The process is the same as any other. After the standard uninstalling is complete, Reg Organizer automatically scans the system and asks whether you want to remove traces it found.

Older versions of Reg Organizer have a certain drawback – they couldn’t remove an application completely if its installation wasn’t monitored by Reg Organizer. The new version 5.40 finally offers this opportunity.

The efficiency of this method isn’t as high compared to tracked installations, but in most cases, you can still remove a significant number of traces from the system. It naturally complements the installation monitoring function and thus increases the efficiency of the complete uninstalling function of the program.

Konstantin Polyakov, the director of the company

The price for one copy of Reg Organizer is $39.95 and of Full Uninstall is $29.95. Licenses are lifetime. The license fee includes technical support and free updates to new versions of the programs within a year after the purchase.

New versions of the programs can be downloaded from the official website of the company: