3 New Possibilities in Soft Organizer 3.15

July 12, 2013 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

While working with program manager Soft Organizer 3.15, certain questions often arise. For example, “What kind of program is this?” and “Why do I need it?” There are situations when you uninstall an application as usual and later find out that its installation was tracked by Soft Organizer. Or you may need to tell a tech support guy the list of installed programs. All of these are now available in Soft Organizer 3.15.

Program Description

Often, when we manage the list of programs and remove unnecessary or unused programs, we ask ourselves “What is this program? Do I really need it?” To answer the question you have to Google or open the developer’s website, if Soft Organizer offers the corresponding link. Generally, this does provide an answer, but the method isn’t always accessible. Now the new version of Soft Organizer allows you to learn all the information about the program much more easily. Near the name of certain applications a blue question mark is shown. Clicking this mark, a SoftwareRating.info website is opened where you can learn the purpose of the given app. For now, descriptions are available for some programs only, but we are working continuously on extending the scope. All major and most popular programs already have descriptions.

Saving the List of Programs to a File

The second option that’s often required when talking with tech support or colleagues is the list of installed programs. The “List of programs” menu now features a new item – “Export the Applications list”. Selecting this command creates an HTML-version of the program list that’s easy to use or send. A file containing the list is automatically saved on the Windows desktop, so it’s extremely easy to attach it to an e-mail or send by any other method.

Preserving Program Installation Traces

If you mistakenly uninstalled a tracked program with a conventional method (that is, without using Soft Organizer), formerly this led to all information about traces of this program being lost forever. The new version, however, treats the situation differently. If a program for which installation was tracked is deleted with a conventional system uninstaller, the traces are saved by Soft Organizer and are preserved as long as needed, until they are removed by means of Soft Organizer itself. This allows you to carry out full uninstalling of a program any way you like.


You can download the new version of Soft Organizer 3.15 from the official website using this link:

The new version is also available for automatic update. The previous version of the program should notify you about this, if the automatic check for updates is enabled. The update is fully automatic and doesn’t require any action on your part.