Soft Organizer – the New Name for Full Uninstall

March 18, 2013 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Chemtable Software releases its new product – Soft Organizer. This powerful application manager for the range of operating systems from Windows XP through Windows 8 allows the user to install programs with tracking and if required to uninstall them completely, including all traces residing in the system. In addition, Soft Organizer can notify the user about newer versions of applications installed on the computer.

Soft Organizer is based on Chemtable’s Full Uninstall tool and is essentially a new version and further development of that product. Since the range of new capabilities goes far beyond the initial name of Full Uninstall, the program was renamed.

The main purpose of Soft Organizer is handy management of applications installed on users’ computers. The tracking function allows users to record all changes made in the system during the installation of an application and completely to uninstall that application along with all traces it has left in the OS. The default uninstall procedure often misses them, so all these residues remain on the computer. In addition, Soft Organizer features a function to find traces of applications that were not installed with tracking. This function was also included in Full Uninstall.

The first and the primary new feature in Soft Organizer is the application update control function. Whenever this function detects a newer version of some application, an up arrow is displayed next to the application’s name indicating a new version is available. In addition, the “New version” button is displayed on the information panel of the selected application. Whenever a user clicks the “New version” button, he is redirected to a page on our website with detailed information about this update.

The other main innovation is the option to turn off application trace scan during the uninstalling of an application. This step can now be skipped, and the quicker default uninstaller is launched. Sometimes this is convenient, for instance, when a user merely reinstalls the program and wishes to preserve his settings.

A Personal License for Soft Organizer costs $30 and allows the user to activate the program on two computers. The Family License permits installing of the program on up to 5 computers and costs $67. Corporate users can choose one of the available corporate licenses at affordable prices.

You can discover all the details about Soft Organizer and download the trial version at the official website here: