5 New Helpful Features of Full Uninstall 2.10

May 12, 2012 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

The new version, Full Uninstall 2.10, is already on the way. We are now performing the final tests and preparations. Before the final release, we decided to tell you in a more detailed way about the new features you are going to enjoy in the latest version of Full Uninstall. Here are the five major new features of Full Uninstall 2.10 and Reg Organizer (Full Uninstall is fully included in Reg Organizer as the Remove Programs function).

Installing Applications

Installing Applications from the Context Menu of the Windows Explorer

When using computers, we often see that we have to make a series of steps in order to fulfill a task, and each of those steps slows down the whole process. When using Full Uninstall, to install applications with the tracking function, you had to run Full Unisntall first, select Install A Program, then select the application to be installed, and only after that you could start the installation procedure. This is not as convenient as starting the tracking function automatically, together with starting the installation utility.

In the new version, you will be able to start the tracking function right away. To do so, you will have to click the setup file of the application to be installed with the right mouse button and select Install with tracing in Full Uninstall in the context menu.

This feature (the context menu option) can be enabled or disabled in the settings of your Full Uninstall application. If for some reasons you do not want to use it, you can easily disable it by going to the Shell Integration section of the application settings and removing the checkmark from the Install with tracing in Full Uninstall option.

Installing Updates with Tracking

After you have installed an application with the Full Uninstall tracking function enabled, sooner or later you will need to update this application. The earlier versions of Full Uninstall did not provide the opportunity to integrate the changes made when installing updates of an already installed application with the tracking function. The new version, Full Uninstall 2.10, will give you this wonderful and helpful opportunity. You will be able to update your applications and integrate the updates with the programs already installed in your system, which will allow you to completely remove applications with their updates, without any traces remaining.

Changes made when installing updates can only be integrated for the applications which were originally installed with the tracking function enabled.

Removing Applications

Removing Several Applications at Once

It happens so quite often that we want to remove several applications or games at once. To do that, we have to repeat the same consecutive steps to remove every single application or game separately. The new version, Full Uninstall 2.10, will make removing several applications at once easier.

If you need to remove several applications at once, you only have to select them with your mouse holding down the Ctrl key (or Shift, depending on the situation) and press the Uninstall Applications button.

Besides, it often happens so, too, that some supplementary software is installed together with the main application. It can be a set of subsidiary modules provided by third party developers, web browser toolbars or extensions, or various accompanying applications.

When removing such an application with Full Uninstall (provided that its installation has been tracked), you will be prompted to remove all the accompanying applications and modules which were installed together with the main program.

Passing by the Default Uninstallation and Moving to Finding the Traces of a Program

When removing buggy applications, it is sometimes especially helpful to remove them without running the uninstaller (the standard program provided by the developer to remove the application). For example, when this uninstaller cannot be launched or hangs during the uninstallation. After switching to Version 2.10, you will have the opportunity to pass by the default uninstaller and move directly to finding the application traces and removing them.

To move to finding the traces of a program and removing them, you will have to press the Skip button in the Full Uninstall uninstallation wizard window.

The Algorithm for Finding the Traces has been Improved

The last important new feature of the latest version of Full Uninstall is the improved algorithm for finding the traces, which is now able to find even more traces of uninstalled programs.


After switching to the new Full Uninstall 2.10 (as well as upon updating your Reg Organizer), you will get lots of helpful and convenient features, which will make your working with computers even more comfortable and enjoyable as you will not have to make all those unnecessary steps that used to take you a lot of time before.

If you want to try the new version right now, you can download the beta versions of Full Uninstall or Reg Organizer that are already available on our website.

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