Program Rank in Soft Organizer 3.31 or How to Reveal Low-Quality Applications

January 22, 2014 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

The new Soft Organizer 3.31, a tool to help users manage installed software on Windows XP – 8.1 systems, has been released. Using this tool, Windows users can install programs, keep them up-to-date, and remove unnecessary ones along with all traces they left in the system.

New programs can be installed with tracking that allows you to remove them completely later, as the need arises. This feature is hard to overestimate, as it allows you to install unknown or non-trustworthy programs that can affect the system unpredictably.


If some application was installed without tracking and now needs to be uninstalled, Soft Organizer scans the entire system after the standard uninstalling procedure finishes to find and eliminate all traces such an application may have left in the OS. Traces removed include settings, temporary files, and other elements that usually stay in the system forever.

For installed programs, there is an option to check for updates via the SoftwareRating.info portal thus allowing a user to keep all installed programs up-to-date. New versions of programs usually deliver not only new capabilities, but also bug fixes, which overall may boost the performance and convenience of the work.

The new version of Soft Organizer has a number of truly interesting novelties that take the utility to a whole new level.

Now Soft Organizer can reveal programs that are mostly uninstalled by users, thus helping to determine low-quality products and get rid of them or replace with some other applications. This capability is powered by a new parameter Soft Organizer 3.31 has introduced. The uninstall rate of the program is displayed in a new column titled “Uninst. by”. The value reflects the percentage of users who have uninstalled the program shortly after installing it. The higher the percent value, the more suspicious the program looks. A lower value means the app is popular and is rarely removed.


Sometimes when a new version of a certain program appears, it isn’t publicly available to everyone. This could be a limited alpha or beta version that isn’t in public access for now. To not distract user attention to such updates, we introduce a new term – “Verified update”. Such updates are marked with a green checkmark. This means we have checked the download link for this version, and the program can be safely downloaded. If the update isn’t marked with a green check yet, this means the current version hasn’t been verified in our database, and the download link may not be available.


Also, the recent update of Soft Organizer features a number of fixes and improvements to current modules. For instance, the installation tracking module operation has been enhanced. Also, the information in the notation conventions window is now easier to read.

The new version is available for downloading from the official website and is also available through the built-in automatic update function.

Also we’ve released a new version of Reg Organizer 6.32. What’s new:

  • The Application Uninstaller tool:
    • Improved the accuracy of the installing applications with tracing function, so that the system changes which do not apply to the application being installed will not be registered.
    • Interface improvement: The Notation Conventions window’s height was increased which removes the vertical scroll bar.
  • Bug fixed: The column might disappear from the applications list in case of the repeated opening of the Application Uninstaller tool window.