Reg Organizer 6.55: Really Fast and Really Safe Program Removal

August 01, 2014 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Removing programs using uninstallers (special managers to find and delete residues) is different from conventional removing of programs via Windows’ Control Panel, as it uses additional resources and time. Searching for traces, creating system restore points – all of these consume time and memory. To make the program removal process in Reg Organizer a bit more conventional in terms of the above, we developed a series of novelties in version 6.55 that not only speed up the program deletion process, but also make it as safe as possible.


Previous versions of Reg Organizer created a system restore point during program traces removal. This led to a noticeable latency of a few seconds. (Sometimes it was significant.) Now there is no latency anymore, as all traces are now removed immediately.

In this new version we aimed at not just preserving the safety level, but increasing it, so we made a new mechanism to back up removed traces that places backup copies into the “Undoing Changes Center”. Previously, only standard Windows restore points were working – such restore points preserved only OS critical data. In the new Reg Organizer version 6.55, a full reserve copy is created which backs up all changes in the registry and all traces in the file system.

Traces removed from the file system automatically go to the Recycle Bin, where Reg Organizer will be able restore them if necessary. (So don’t hurry to clean out your Recycle Bin as soon as you have deleted some application.)

Now you can easily get back to using a certain uninstalled program with all its settings by restoring traces through the “Undoing Changes Center” and installing the removed application again.

Also, we managed to optimize the removal process making it less hungry for computer resources.

The same program removal functionality changes were implemented in the Soft Organizer utility. The majority of its functions are included in Reg Organizer (see Reg Organizer and Soft Organizer capabilities comparison).

The new version of Reg Organizer 6.55 is already available for automatic update. If the update process doesn’t work for some reason, you can update manually by downloading the new version from the official page using this link: