Extension of Program Removal Capabilities of Reg Organizer 6.30

November 19, 2013 (updated 1 year ago) by Chemtable Software

A new update Reg Organizer 6.30 has been released today. Changes in the new version mainly cover the program removal tool, though other modules of the program, such as the registry editor, the autorun manager in the “Important registry section” tool, and others, have also been modernized. Let’s take a closer look at the changes.

Some programs change browser settings upon installation. After those programs are uninstalled, the settings are often not returned to their initial values. That is why, when uninstalling such programs, for instance, browser toolbars, Reg Organizer displays information on how you can restore the original settings of your browser.

Reg Organizer displays information on how you can restore the original settings of your browser

If during tracking of installation, a certain program wasn’t added to the system properly (for example, if a portable application was installed), Reg Organizer still can determine its name and record the tracking information about this application. Earlier, such programs were denoted as “Installed program” in the list.

The third important change in Reg Organizer is the enhanced Agent that tracks launches of installation programs and allows you to perform the tracked installation instead. In the new version, the Agent works much more efficiently and examines a larger number of setup programs than before.

Updated Agent

Aside from the above changes, the registry editor, search and replace functions, and the “Important registry section” tool was also improved.

If you have not yet received the new version through the automatic update system, or if checking for updates is disabled, you can download the latest version using the below link.

Also, we invite you to the new Reg Organizer testimonials section we recently updated. Now you can send a testimonial, and it will be placed in the appropriate section of the site, and also will be displayed randomly on the program description page.

To publish a testimonial on the website, you must specify your real first name and last name, and send your photo. The testimonial should be at least two or three sentences long.