Reg Organizer 5.10

July 09, 2010 (updated 10 years ago) by Chemtable Software

* Registry Search tool:

  • The search field is placed on top of the window. Now it’s
    easier to run a repeat search or replacement as there is no need
    to switch between tabs to enter a new query into the search field.
  • Added a feature that enables searching text strings in binary
    parameters (such as REG_BINARY).
  • The search results table supports sorting of items.
  • Added a new button labeled “Check all” that allows the user to
    include all types of registry values in a scanning range with a
    single mouse click.
  • The number of columns in the search and replace results table
    has been optimized. Now the “After Replacement” column is
    displayed only if the replacement took place.

* Registry Editor:

  • Keys and parameters of the registry, that have been added to
    Favorites, are now displayed in the drop-down list right in the
    registry editor window, rather than in a separate window. It
    simplifies work with Favorites.
  • In Favorites, users can see a comment about a key (if available),
    rather than a key name. For example, if you add the key
    CurrentVersion\Uninstall, you can enter a comment “Information
    on installed applications”, and the key will be displayed with this
    phrase in Favorites.
  • When viewing registry binary values (of REG_BINARY type), the
    program displays string characters contained in the parameter.
    There are three modes to display characters: 2 characters display
    modes for Unicode, and one shows them in ANSI.
  • When very large keys are opened, the program displays the window
    informing the user that the operation takes some time, and it’s
    necessary to wait.
  • If you select the “Expand Key” command of the context menu, the tree
    is expanded to a certain limit. Earlier, this command would take too
    long on large registry keys, causing a computer to lock up.

* The express system check has been improved.

* Bugs fixed:

  • When the Registry Optimization tool was used while themes on
    Windows Vista and higher were disabled, an error message
    “TaskDialog requires themes to be enabled” would appear.
  • Comments about registry keys made by the user could get deleted
    on their own.