New and Enhanced Features of Reg Organizer 8.0 You Should Know About

September 04, 2017 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

We are glad to present the eighth version of the Reg Organizer system utility that allows you to speed up operation of your Windows computer and free some disk space.

Reg Organizer 8 Screenshot

The automatic clean up functions underwent significant changes in the new version. In fact, based on these functions we developed an entirely new unified tool for automatic system cleaning that encompasses everything implemented in Reg Organizer so far plus a lot more the program lacked until now.

Reg Organizer 8 System Cleaner

We have heavily modernized the functionality of this tool and built a simpler, faster and more efficient way to clean the system. Now it includes not only disk cleaning of unnecessary information – temporary files, outdated drivers, old versions of Windows, redundant updates and so on – but the program also has functions to clean the registry.

Reg Organizer 8 Privacy Cleaner

In addition, we’ve added a totally new tool to clean up private information. With this tool you can eliminate all traces of your activity on the computer – visited websites, recent applications and documents, jump lists, history of the “Run…” dialog, and other data that can identify your activity on this computer.

New Reg Organizer 8 Logo

By popular request we have changed the icon of the program. It is now colorful and in 3D, just like you asked. Also, we have improved the visual appearance of the program, and it now looks modern, stylish, and simple. A number of enhancements, like adjusting the settings window or excluding automatically starting applications from optimization together, promote more efficient use of the program.

You can download the new version from our official website or use the built-in automatic update system. (By the way, we made this feature much better too. Just take a look at the settings to see the changes.)