Reg Organizer Modes Overview

December 07, 2010 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Reg Organizer includes a wide range of functions to work with the system registry. Here are the main capabilities of the program.

Registry Editing

The powerful system registry editor includes the extended set of functions, such as registry key cloning, information of any particular key and so on. Just like the default RegEdit it also allows to create, remove, and edit keys and modify parameter values, to export keys into reg-files. The registry editor has a unique capability to create merged reg-files that include keys from different registry branches; this allows painless transfer of application preferences from one system to another, for example.

Manual Registry Cleanup

Using this mode you cab perform thorough cleanup of your registry and tune the functionality of the operating system. In particular, there are possibilities to specify applications launched automatically on Windows startup, explore shared dynamic-link libraries (DLL) and many more. With this mode you can also search the registry for links to not-existing files or folders and remove those links if you want to clear your registry of unnecessary “trash”.

Automatic Registry Cleanup

This allows you to perform an automatic search and removal of various errors in the system registry.

Search and Replace through the Registry

This mode is a convenient tool to perform a quick search and/or replace of information in the system registry. Unlike the default tool to work with the registry, this mode allows you to see all found elements at once, in the same handy list. This allows you to quickly apply some action to all found keys or parameters, either remove them or modify their values, without the need to look through them manually, element by element.

Uninstall Applications

Reg Organizer features a powerful tool that allows the complete removal of software from your computer and therefore prevents your system from being cluttered up with unnecessary information. Besides, this mode allows you to monitor all changes made to the system registry or the file system by any application.

System Tweaking

This function of Reg Organizer unlocks various additional (undocumented) options of Windows shell that allow fine-tuning the system.

Registry Optimization

This function of the program performs compression and defragmentation of the registry which quite positively influences the overall performance of the system.