Optimizing Registry with Reg Organizer

October 29, 2010 (updated 7 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Reg Organizer offers the tool for defragmenting and compressing files that contain the registry. Using this tool, you can rewrite compressed registry files on disk contiguously, eliminating fragmentation of data.

The optimization process consists of two steps. To begin, it is recommended to close all applications and disable antivirus software because Reg Organizer blocks registry files during the optimization. As a result, other applications may fail to run properly because they are not able to save data to the registry. When the optimization finishes, you need to restart the system. It is necessary to mention that some files are not optimized.

The program optimizes all hives of the registry except:

– SYSTEM – For security reasons, it is better not to optimize this hive when the system is running;
– HARDWARE – This hive saves its data to memory, rather than disk;
– S-1-5-18 – The service account which is used by the operating system is not optimized because it has a very little size and it does not make sense to defragment and compress it.

To start optimization, open the Tools menu, and then select Registry Optimization. This opens the optimization dialog with a warning telling you to close all running applications. If you do not follow this recommendation and continue, the program shows the list of applications that must be closed on the next step.

Once all applications are closed, the program starts compression of registry hives. At this moment, Reg Organizer blocks access to the desktop and Windows Start menu. The Reg Organizer window shows the hive which is being processed. All operations are performed completely automatically.

When the optimization finishes, the program reports on the size of the registry file before and after the process and its location on disk as a scheme of clusters. As soon as you close the window, the program restarts the computer automatically, which is one more reason why you should close all applications before the optimization. Computer restart is necessary to make all changes in the registry file come into effect.

You can optimize the registry with Reg Organizer and a freeware utility called Registry Life. The process of registry optimization with Registry Life is absolutely the same as with Reg Organizer.