Cleaning Registry Automatically with Registry Life

October 29, 2010 (updated 7 years ago) by Chemtable Software

There is a light version of Reg Organizer called Registry Life. This version has only two basic features: registry cleaning and registry optimization. The program cleans the registry in the automatic mode.

Compared to the full-featured program, Registry Life makes it even easier to maintain the registry for beginners who do not have any knowledge of the registry. Cleaning the registry is as easy as selecting the appropriate menu option. You can choose parts of the registry to be scanned and disable additional options used by default.

Selecting parts of the registry is simple – registry parts are shown as a list with meaningful names (for example, Autorun, IE Context Menu, User Application Settings). Compared to Reg Organizer, Registry Life has a limited list of registry parts for processing and cleans all these parts, or only selected ones.

There are additional options that allow ignoring references to CD-ROM, removable disks, deleted references (network references). By default all additional options are enabled but you can disable any of them.

Registry Life cleans the registry only partially as it processes only those parts that are most likely to accumulate junk.