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Downloading, installing and running Reg Organizer

To start using Reg Organizer you should download it and install it on your computer. The following step-by-step instruction visually demonstrates the entire process and the steps you should take to accomplish the task.

Downloading Reg Organizer

In order to download Reg Organizer click the following link:

Download Reg Organizer

Select the location where you want the setup file to be saved, and the download process will begin.

Once the downloading of the setup file has finished, you should run it by clicking the Run button (or locate the file in the destination folder and run it from there with a double-click) and follow the installation Wizard instructions.

Installing Reg Organizer

Finally, you should click the Finish button in the setup Wizard and Reg Organizer will start (presuming you didn’t turned off the “Run Reg Organizer” option on the last step).

Apr 20, 2017, Chemtable Software

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