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When You Don’t Need to Track Installation of Programs

May 17, 2017 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Often users of Reg Organizer and Soft Organizer install all programs with tracking, regardless of whether the program is known to them or not, trusted or not. As a result, a large volume of tracking logs are stored in the system, and the user is so afraid of losing them that he sometimes even wants to transfer these logs to another system.

There is no need for such precautions. We recommend using tracking of the installation process only for those programs you know nothing about; that is, for programs that will likely be uninstalled very shortly after setup.

You can install trusted programs without any tracking and use them safely. Usually, such programs completely uninstall themselves from the system, so there is no crucial need in keeping the tracking log for them.

If you installed an unknown program and realize it is a good one that will stay in your system for a long time, the tracking log becomes unimportant, and you can delete it.