Reg Organizer 8.10 – Updated Uninstall Tool And Classic Registry Cleaner

In the new version of Reg Organizer 8.10, we have significantly changed the features of the uninstall tool. Apart from making the uninstaller now work faster and look a little different, we have made a number of significant improvements. We will discuss them below.

06.04.2018, Chemtable Software

New and Enhanced Features of Reg Organizer 8.0 You Should Know About

We are glad to present the eighth version of the Reg Organizer system utility that allows you to speed up operation of your Windows computer and free some disk space.

04.09.2017, Chemtable Software

Why Does Windows Boot Up Time Vary?

Users of Reg Organizer and Autorun Organizer may have noticed that the diagram displays different system boot times, even without any changes made to autostart parameters. There are no changes in the system, but the boot up speed varies. What’s the matter?

17.05.2017, Chemtable Software

How to Tidy Up Your Windows Autostart

In our article about removing unused programs, we explained that this also helps to wipe out unnecessary elements from Windows autostart and free some resources. There are applications you don’t use very often, but they do launch with Windows and stay in memory all the time, waiting for your commands. Simply put, they needlessly eat up resources of the computer.

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The Most Efficient System Disk Space Cleanup

The second most important way to free up system resources is to free up disk space on the system disk. Many modern notebooks have SSD storage – either 120 or 256 GB. This volume is often not enough, because the disk space tends to disappear very quickly. In this case we need to make room on the disk.

, Chemtable Software

When You Don’t Need to Track Installation of Programs

Often users of Reg Organizer and Soft Organizer install all programs with tracking, regardless of whether the program is known to them or not, trusted or not. As a result, a large volume of tracking logs are stored in the system, and the user is so afraid of losing them that he sometimes even wants to transfer these logs to another system.

, Chemtable Software

How to Install New Programs Properly

When in search of a specific type of program, users often try many variants. They install each one on the computer and don’t even uninstall it afterward, when the application didn’t match their expectations. It’s not uncommon for 2 or 3 additional application companions to be installed along with the main program. So when it comes to uninstalling one of these programs, the companion apps stay in the system, sometimes for a long time.

, Chemtable Software

Removing Unnecessary Programs and Their Residues (Traces)

One of the most efficient ways to keep the system working and stable is removing unused and unnecessary programs. The reason is simple: such programs usually do not just take up space on your disk drives, but also load their modules on every start of Windows. They stay resident in the memory and even execute some tasks in the background.

, Chemtable Software

Why Does Windows Slow Down?

There is a school of thought that the Windows operating system slows down with time, and its performance naturally degrades, so the OS needs to be reinstalled once in a while. However, few of us actually think of the reasons for the slow down and ways to prevent it.

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Here Is Why You Should Update to Reg Organizer 7.80

The new version of Reg Organizer 7.80 offers a lot of improvements including more efficient work with the autostart manager and more precise application removal. Plus, with the new version you can remove more unnecessary information during cleanup of the system.

18.04.2017, Chemtable Software