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Reg Organizer 7.16 Is Fully Compatible with Windows 10

Now that the new operating system Windows 10 has been officially released, we have double-checked Reg Organizer for compatibility and have made sure it is fully adopted to the new Windows version. Version 7.16 features the first three new tuning options for Windows 10.

Reg Organizer 7.15: Removing Applications Becomes Easier

The new version of Reg Organizer 7.15 features an improved program uninstalling tool. Previously, to uninstall an unnecessary program, you had to execute Reg Organizer manually, then you activated the application removal tool and located the application you wanted to uninstall in the list. Now, you launch the process directly from Windows Explorer.

Reg Organizer Becomes Totally Different

New Reg Organizer 7.10 now can optimize more areas, thanks to the updated autostart manager. It can remove Windows 8/10 store applications and has become much easier to use. Read all the details below.

Reg Organizer 7 – Truly Efficient Windows Optimization

A new version of Reg Organizer 7, a full-featured toolbox to maintain all key Windows elements, has been released. The program helps removing unnecessary apps and all traces they may have left in the system, speeding up Windows boot up and operation, and cleaning disks from superfluous information. It also assists in the optimization, cleaning and maintenance of the system registry.

Aside from the new fresh look, Reg Organizer features a lot of new improvements. The most noticeable of them is the disk clean up utility that was rewritten from scratch. In addition to a significant performance increase, it displays even higher efficiency than ever before. Also, new scan zones were added, and the overall logic of operation was improved.

Reg Organizer 7.0 beta 1 Meets the New Year with a New Interface and New Capabilities

In Reg Organizer 7.0 beta 1, which you can already download from our website, we offer not only the fresh new look of the program, but also updated autostart configuration and disk cleanup tools. And while the autostart manager has merely received a few improvements and a new automatic optimization function, the disk cleanup tool has been completely reworked.

After reconsidering the entire concept of disk cleaning, we decided to update it completely, as the old way of doing things had its drawbacks and even could sometimes lead to hangs. Also, the efficiency of the old method also left something to be desired. So, we took the old cleaning method and removed it from Reg Organizer completely! An all-new instrument re-written from scratch has taken its place.

Why Your Computer Works Slowly and How To Fix This

Even high-end modern computers working under Windows OS may start working slowly. Some replace it with a new one immediately; others try to fix the problem using various applications, successfully or not.

Below you can find several reasons for system slowdown, and learn the most efficient ways of solving such problems. You can rejuvenate your PC without replacing it (as long as all components of the computer are functional and healthy).

56 Windows Commands Every User Should Know About

Doing the same tasks over and over encourages finding a quicker way to accomplish them. Windows has such a thing as the command line that allows executing certain applications with a single command avoiding a long chain of mouse clicks. You simply need to press the Win + R combination and type the corresponding command. Here is a list of 56 commands you may find useful in your everyday work with Windows.

Managing Windows Autostart Becomes More Convenient in Reg Organizer 6.60

Continuing releasing updates to boost and optimize Windows boot up and operation, we are glad to introduce Reg Organizer 6.60. Among many enhancements, this version features the modernized Startup Applications tool.

Reg Organizer 6.55: Really Fast and Really Safe Program Removal

Removing programs using uninstallers (special managers to find and delete residues) is different from conventional removing of programs via Windows’ Control Panel, as it uses additional resources and time. Searching for traces, creating system restore points – all of these consume time and memory. To make the program removal process in Reg Organizer a bit more conventional in terms of the above, we developed a series of novelties in version 6.55 that not only speed up the program deletion process, but also make it as safe as possible.

How to Boost Windows Loading with New Reg Organizer 6.50

In the brand new version of Reg Organizer 6.50, a system registry manager for Windows, we introduce a totally reworked tool to configure the boot up process of the operating system. “Program Autostart” has been segregated from “Crucial registry sections” to an individual instrument launched from the sidebar of Reg Organizer. It has become a completely new tool under the hood as well. Re-written from scratch, it offers convenient management of autostart programs and understandable display of the results in comparison with previous values.