Reg Organizer 7.16 Is Fully Compatible with Windows 10

August 17, 2015 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Now that the new operating system Windows 10 has been officially released, we have double-checked Reg Organizer for compatibility and have made sure it is fully adopted to the new Windows version. Version 7.16 features the first three new tuning options for Windows 10.

We have also launched a new online service at langs.chemtable-cloud.com. There you can participate in translating the program to other languages and vote for quality translations.

Translations are of two types: official and unofficial. Official translations are downloaded and updated automatically. We support them completely and supply these translations with installers of our programs. Unofficial translations are also available, but they are only downloaded by Reg Organizer automatically if the user agrees.


In the Language section of the program, there is a link now below the language selection box. It opens a website for translators where a user can download the latest version of the language pack, translate it, and submit his or her translation for integration into the program.


By supporting language packs, translators can obtain up to 10 free of charge licenses for themselves, their friends or relatives, as well as free license renewals as long as the language pack remains supported. The name of the translation author is displayed in the about window of the program along with his or her contact information and a link to his website or social network page.

Download Reg Organizer 7.16