Support for Google Chrome in Reg Organizer 7.30 and More

February 01, 2016 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

New Reg Organizer 7.30, a versatile service utility for Windows operating systems, is out. The tool allows removing unnecessary applications with all leftovers (traces) they may have been left in the system that standard uninstalling methods often overlook. It also provides flexible configuration of auto started applications, efficiently deletes unnecessary data to free up disk space, and more.

The new version features an improved disk cleaner tool enhanced with the support for browsers based on the Chromium engine. The current version supports Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, and Chromium. Data the tool cleans out are browser history and cache, cookies, and website data. Cleaning a browser is not only good for reclaiming some disk space; it’s mainly done to conceal browser activity from third parties.


A button with the Chrome logo on the express-check screen in the disk cleaning section activates this function.


Alternatively, you can enable this Chromium function by enabling the “Chrome Cookies and Sites Data” and “Chrome History and Cache” configuration options.


After scanning, you can select the corresponding section of the clean up and see the data that was found. Visual representation of data in the list is also enhanced. Now long lists are built instantly.

We did not ignore the trace detection algorithm in this update. This algorithm, which locates leftovers that stay in the system after a certain app is uninstalled, has been improved and was made even safer.

You can download the new version either from inside Reg Organizer (by selecting the “Check for Updates” item in the “Help” menu) or by manually using the button below. You can install the new version of Reg Organizer right over the existing version. You don’t need to remove a previous version.

If you purchased a license or renewal less than a year ago, the upgrade is free* for you. Otherwise you should renew your license in order to use the new version. You can do this with the button below.

* A license allows using the program without any functional and time limitations and receiving new versions within a year after purchase.