Reg Organizer 9.0 is even more convenient and efficient now

July 27, 2022 by Chemtable Software

Now it’s time to introduce the new features of Reg Organizer 9, which you can already download from the official site chemtable.com.

The release turned out to be quite long, because a lot of work was done. In addition to the new engine, which took most of the time to switch to, changes were made to improve usability.

The tool is adapted for high resolution screens, of which there are more and more. So, if you have a 4K monitor, or your fonts are upscaled, interface elements in Reg Organizer will be displayed without soap, keeping the interface proportional.

Now you can see the current version number in the header of the window, which comes in handy when contacting technical support. Information about the availability of a newer version of the utility will also appear there.

The main menu has also undergone changes. The settings item has been moved to a higher level. Help section reduced due to the additional elements (check for updates, key purchase and entry, interface language changing, etc.) moved to a separate item. There is also a menu item to switch between the dark and light themes. And on the left side of the main menu there is a Back button that returns you to the previous utility tool.

In Express Check obsolete elements that had no significant effect on the system performance were removed and instead they were replaced by an actual block with information on the availability of updates for installed programs. So now the start screen has more details about how to reduce resources used and improve system security.

The new version is already available on our website. You can download it manually or update it automatically through the utility. If you have already run out of updates, you can also buy a license renewal.