Reg Organizer Becomes Totally Different

April 08, 2015 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

A new version of the Reg Organizer 7.10 utility is ready to help you tune up your system for the highest performance.

The autostart manager, along with the new interface, accesses new areas for optimization, while the application removal tool can now uninstall apps from the Windows 8/10 store. And of course multiple elements were improved and perfected for even more fluent use of the program. Let’s review each new option in detail.

Autostart Manager

We worked hard to improve our Windows autostart optimization tool. In addition to the new, modern, and convenient user interface, the tool now supports more areas to configure and optimize. Services and drivers can now be activated or deactivated, as well as suspended, just like other autostart areas of the system.

Updated controls now allow you to switch between individual sections of the autostart. By default, the program displays the “Primary startup locations” list encompassing “Registry”, “Startup folder”, and “Task Scheduler”.

Primary startup locations

If the “All startup locations” item is selected, the program displays all supported autostart elements including drivers and Windows services.

All Startup locations

Alternatively, you can select displayed areas manually. You can choose one or multiple areas. Click “Customize view” and mark areas you need in the dropdown menu.

Customize view

Loading of services and drivers can be suspended just like as with other autostart elements. The only difference is that you cannot specify the time to suspend loading of elements in these two sections. The program does this automatically using the internal mechanisms of the OS.

Support for Removal of Apps from Windows 8/10 Store

As new versions of the Windows OS come out, new application types become available that are not supported in Windows 7 or older systems.

Removing of Windows 8/Win10 apps

Now Reg Organizer supports uninstalling such programs using the “Program removal” tool. Such apps are listed on a par with other programs available for uninstall.


And we couldn’t keep from improving the program, making it more comfortable and productive.
A new context menu item has been added to the autostart manager to remove unnecessary autostart records. Previously, this was only possible via the lower panel below the list of elements.

autostart manager context menu

The disk cleanup instrument now features the possibility to add custom masks. In older versions, to add several masks a user had to enter them one by one. It can be done here: Main Menu -> Commands -> Settings… -> Disk Cleanup -> Custom files. Not exactly comfortable. Now multiple masks can be added as a single line. For example: «*.tmp *.bak».

Adding masks in one line

Some little troubles were also fixed. A small problem was fixed in the registry editor, and a nuisance was eliminated occurring during an attempt to turn off or reboot the system when Reg Organizer is running. The system reported that the Reg Organizer process does not you allow to log off.


The new version of Reg Organizer is already available in the automatic update system as well as on the official website. Click the below button to download it.

Download Reg Organizer