Managing Windows Autostart Becomes More Convenient in Reg Organizer 6.60

October 07, 2014 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Continuing releasing updates to boost and optimize Windows boot up and operation, we are glad to introduce Reg Organizer 6.60. Among many enhancements, this version features the modernized Startup Applications tool.

You may recall that the updated program announced earlier has the ability to suspend running certain applications and build a startup queue. This allows speeding up the system boot up while not damaging functionality at all. And by turning off unnecessary applications, you can free additional resources of the computer to increase overall performance of the system.

Reg Organizer Autorun Manager

The current update of Reg Organizer to version 6.60 brings in an improved Startup Application control mechanism that efficiently manages the disabled and suspended elements in the autostart list. Also, a new column in the list now shows the percentage of users who disabled or suspended given applications in the startup process. This information helps in deciding whether or not a certain element should be disabled by displaying choices other users make.

By using the Application Uninstaller and Startup applications tools, you can significantly speed up the loading of your computer and optimize its everyday performance by freeing resources required for the normal operation of the system.

Download Reg Organize 6.60

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