Multiple Removal of Programs in Reg Organizer 6.25


From version to version, Reg Organizer gains something useful and interesting. The last update, 6.25, is no exception. In the new version we’ve taken the problem of convenient operation of the complete application removal tool seriously.

Previously our users asked us to add the possibility to remove several programs at once despite the fact that the program already possessed such a feature. So we decided to make it more explicit and added a switch to the remove button that allows you to change between single and multiple removal modes. Also, you can switch the program to the multiple removal mode directly in the list by selecting multiple programs with your mouse while holding Shift or Ctrl keys.

Multiple program removal in Reg Organizer 6.25

Multiple program removal in Reg Organizer 6.25

The other important feature we paid a close attention to is the list of installed programs. In some particular cases it can be so big that it is hard to find anything in it without searching and filtering. And even with those methods, finding a certain element in a huge list isn’t that easy. So we came to the conclusion to shorten the list by automatically hiding elements that aren’t necessary to uninstall in the vast majority of cases – these are system updates, drivers, and other components. This allowed us to greatly reduce the length of the program list, so finding a certain program in it is now significantly easier.

Turn on displaying of all programs by clicking the gears icon right under the list.

Turn on displaying of all programs by clicking the gears icon right under the list.

The tool to clean the registry and disks has also changed. Adding records to the exclusion list in the system check detailed result window is now easier. You only need to clear a tickbox (checkbox) of the element in the list. After clicking “OK”, all marked elements are deleted. Those elements that are not marked are automatically added to the exclusion list.

Reg Organizer 6.25 is already available for download from the official website and in the automatic update system.

Oct 01, 2013 (updated: Feb 18, 2020), Chemtable Software

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