New Features of Reg Organizer 6.10

June 03, 2013 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Uninstalling a program is easy, but when it comes to removing the program and all residues it has left in the system, the process becomes tricky. Earlier, removing programs requiring a reboot with Reg Organizer or Soft Organizer couldn’t be finished correctly without certain workarounds. This made using these two programs a bit more difficult.


We are glad to present new version of Reg Organizer 6.10 and Soft Organizer 3.10 featuring significantly improved uninstalling of applications that require a reboot. Interestingly, the process has become so simple that it doesn’t need any actions from the user anymore. In order to complete the removal process, a user simply needs to run Reg Organizer/Soft Organizer, and the utility will ask to finalize the removal. The whole thing is so simple now, that you don’t have to do anything at all.

But that’s not all for novelties. Reg Organizer also features the following changes:

  • The registry editor in Reg Organizer now can remove multiple parameters in the registry key at once. In earlier versions, parameters had to be deleted one by one. This capability is extremely useful while editing .reg files with the built-in registry editor.
  • “Important Registry Parts” and “Registry Cleanup” tools now include the new list of last accessed files. A user can clean the list completely or remove unnecessary or non-existent elements from it.
  • A new option is available in the installed program trace view mode – an ability to add elements to the exclusion list. Formerly, this option was only available while uninstalling programs.

In addition, both programs feature multiple fixes and updates intended to increase stability and safety of the programs’ operation.

New versions of Reg Organizer 6.10 and Soft Organizer 3.10 can be downloaded from the official website with these links:

Reg Organizer: chemtable.com/organizer.htm
Soft Organizer: chemtable.com/soft-organizer.htm