Reg Organizer 7.0 beta 1 Meets the New Year with a New Interface and New Capabilities

December 31, 2014 (updated 3 years ago) by Chemtable Software

In Reg Organizer 7.0 beta 1, which you can already download from our website, we offer not only the fresh new look of the program but also updated autostart configuration and disk cleanup tools. And while the autostart manager has merely received a few improvements and a new automatic optimization function, the disk cleanup tool has been completely reworked.

After reconsidering the entire concept of disk cleaning, we decided to update it completely, as the old way of doing things had its drawbacks and even could sometimes lead to hangs. Also, the efficiency of the old method left something to be desired. So, we took the old cleaning method and removed it from Reg Organizer completely! An all-new instrument re-written from scratch has taken its place.


The new generation disk clean-up scans 13 areas of the system and does this dramatically faster in comparison with previous versions of Reg Organizer. Aside from standard areas, it also scans some advanced regions of the system. Currently, the following areas are scanned: old driver files, system temporary file folder, program failure logs, Explorer thumbnails, error logs, incorrect shortcuts, system logs, unnecessary temporary files, installation cache, Recycle Bin, old update files, and Internet Explorer temporary files.

Disk cleanup scanning now takes from several seconds to a minute. However, on some systems or during activation of old update files, the total time can be longer. For example, it takes 10-11 seconds for our Windows 8.1 test system to perform scanning. However, this value may change depending on the computer performance and the current state of the operating system (the number of available resources).


Also, we decided to add special voting to the beta version to allow any user to give their opinion of the program. You can complain about some hardship or issue, or on the contrary, give the program thumbs up. The express check window now has two quick links in the upper right corner – “good” and “bad”. When you click the “bad” link, you are asked to send a message describing the problem you faced including all details.

Even if you are not a license owner, the beta of Reg Organizer 7.0 can be used for free for several weeks. The button below allows you to download the new Reg Organizer.

Download Reg Organizer

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