Improved cleaning, startup manager, and program uninstallation in Reg Organizer 9.20

June 05, 2023 by Chemtable Software

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version of Reg Organizer 9.20, in which we have significantly revised the notification system and added new features for system cleanup, greatly improving the overall convenience of working with the utility. Let’s go through everything in order.

System cleanup

At the request of many users, support for cleaning Mozilla Firefox browser has been added. Now users of this browser can activate the necessary cleaning modes in the utility.

Support for cleaning Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Yandex.Browser has also been improved.

Startup Manager

When controlling automatically launched programs, it is important that nothing unnecessary is launched at the start of the operating system. This is the key to the fast operation of the computer and other programs. And services are not an exception in this case.

Experienced users can now switch the launch of certain services to manual mode. If a service is launched automatically at Windows startup, manual launch only works when a specific application that uses this service is launched. This way, resources can be saved by refusing to automatically launch some services.

Uninstalling Programs

A new column with program popularity has been added to the tool for uninstalling applications. Previously, it used the “uninstall rating” indicator, which allowed identifying low-quality applications that are uninstalled shortly after installation.

However, in practice, such an approach did not always work, and perfectly adequate applications could receive a high rating and cause suspicion. For example, when a program is installed for one-time use and then uninstalled after use.

Therefore, we decided to change the format by implementing a popularity rating. The higher the rating, the more users the application has.

New notification format

And the cherry on top of this version is a new notification center and reworked messages from the program. When the utility reports something, a notification appears in the lower right corner of the screen, which automatically disappears after a few seconds. But if you didn’t have time to read it, you can always find it in the new utility’s notification center.

The notification center opens by clicking on the bell in the main menu. There you can view them and click on them to learn more.

If the bell has a green dot, there are unread messages. If there are no dots, there are no new messages from the program. It’s pretty easy.