3 New Features of Reg Organizer 8.40

December 17, 2019 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

Meet a new version of Reg Organizer 8.40, in which several new features have been implemented and existing features improved. The changes were made both to cleaning the systems and private data, and to the overall usability of the product. Let us have a look at the main innovations in more detail.

A Fast Startup Without Additional Windows

Previously, we implemented the registry editor quick start in Reg Organizer via the rrr command. This mechanism has now been upgraded – you can run the utility using a shortcut on the desktop without the UAC (User Account Control) window. To do this, tick the “Skip the User Account Control warning” checkbox in the program settings.

After that, a double click on the application icon on the Desktop will immediately run Reg Organizer.

Progress On the Taskbar — Visible Progress, Even With the Window Minimized

Some processes in Reg Organizer may take long. In order not to wait for the end of the process, you can minimize the application and attend to other things.

The progress will be visible directly on the utility icon (a green translucent strip) on the Windows taskbar.

System And Private Data Cleanup Has Been Improved

We have also added tabs for the Opera browser data cleanup, which our users asked for, to the system and private data cleanup tabs.

Besides, new tabs were added for Chromium-based browsers (for example, GPUCache and ShaderCache).

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