3 New Features In Reg Organizer 8.30 + Bonus

August 06, 2019 (updated 2 years ago) by Chemtable Software

We have prepared for you a new Reg Organizer 8.30, in which we have implemented several new useful features.

1. Updates for Installed Software

The software removal tool now provides a possibility to check for new versions of installed programs, which for a long period has been available only for Soft Organizer users.

In this regard, was also renamed the Uninstaller tool to Applications, as it now applies not only to removing applications.

2. Files Download Links

The “Private Data Cleanup” tool now has a new tab, “Files Download Links”. The fact is that when you download a particular file from the Internet, the link you download it from is written to the settings of that file. Accordingly, anyone can see it.

Reg Organizer now checks downloaded files, and if it finds the data about the download source, it cleans these fields. After the utility has been used, it will be impossible to determine the download source.

3. Regular Registry Backups

And the third interesting feature in Reg Organizer 8.30 is fine-tuning, which restores the disabled function of automated backup of the Windows 10 system registry.

The fact that this feature was disabled in the last Windows updates, and since then, your operating system was unable to create registry backups. This process can be reversed by re-enabling this feature via Reg Organizer. Read more about this feature in the Microsoft blog.

Download Reg Organizer


You’ve probably heard that we released a new product called Files Inspector. It is a utility that will allow you to clean disk space by removing unneeded user files and folders, which cannot be identified using automatic algorithms.

This application will help you analyze your data and identify items. Try it if you want to clean a lot of space on your system drive.

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