A New Insight Into Registry Fine-Tuning in Reg Organizer 6.0

September 14, 2012 (updated 4 years ago) by Chemtable Software

System registry fine-tuning (tweaks) allows you to turn on or off certain functions of the operating system that are often hidden or hardly accessible by means of the standard user interface.

Hassle-free work with the operating system often requires customization, turning on or off various configuration settings of the OS. Taking this into consideration, we revamped the tool for registry fine-tuning in Reg Organizer 6.0 and focused on turning multiple settings on and off with a single click. In addition, the updated tool includes ways to create your own registry options.

The tool makes optimizing the system for comfortable work as easy as pie. It allows you to create and edit individual tweaks as well as groups of tweaks – a number of fine-tune options merged into a group. You can merge the capabilities you want into a group and quickly turn all of them on or off simultaneously with a single click on any PC.

Groups of Tweaks

The groups of tweaks section lets you quickly activate a set of options with a single click. For example, using groups you can momentarily activate all settings boosting network performance or turn on all settings that reduce system boot time.

When you activate a group of tweaks, Reg Organizer automatically sets the given options to their predefined values.

When you turn off the group of tweaks, the program restores all settings to their initial state.

This tool is ideal for beginner users, because it doesn’t require any advanced skills to manage hidden fine-tune options.

Turning tweaks on and off

This section gives advanced users access to all fine-tuning settings of the system available in Reg Organizer.

You can activate or deactivate them individually for higher configuration flexibility.

Tweaks Management

The fine-tune tweaks editor allows you to create your own tweaks or quick access setting groups and thus configure the system using your own templates.

Exporting and importing capabilities allows you to transfer fine-tune tweaks and groups of tweaks from one computer to another with several mouse clicks. This is extremely convenient if you need to apply the same settings on multiple computers.

Undoing Changes Center

People make mistakes. And some mistakes we just cannot afford. In order to make reverting changes easier, we have developed the special backup manager. We call it the “Undoing Changes Center”. Backup copies of every key Reg Organizer’s function (registry editor, fine-tune registry settings, important registry nodes) are found here and are easy to roll-back at any time.

Undoing Changes Center is always available in the bottom right corner of any Reg Organizer window.


The updated Tweaks in Reg Organizer makes it easy to configure the operating system regardless of the experience level of a user. The tool works for both beginners and advanced IT specialists.

Undoing Changes Center is irreplaceable, if something went wrong and the changes have led to instable or inappropriate operation of the system.

The new Reg Organizer 6.0, including the updated tool for registry fine-tuning, will be released in October, 2012. Keep an eye open for future announcements.

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