Update of the Mass Program Removal Function

September 20, 2023 by Chemtable Software

To simplify the removal of multiple unnecessary programs from your computer, we have redesigned the “Programs” tool. Now, the process of analysis and trace detection is performed only once for all programs to be removed.

How it used to be

In previous versions of the utilities, when removing multiple applications, the analysis and trace detection were performed individually for each program, greatly elongating and complicating the process. At the initial stage, the user had to interact with utility dialog boxes. And if you were uninstalling 10 programs, the utility would analyze and search for traces 10 times.

How it works now

Now, the analysis is carried out simultaneously for all programs being removed. There will be a stage of removal using the standard removal tools provided by the developers of the programs being uninstalled.

Removal Options

There are three options for mass removal that you can choose at the initial stage:

1. Regular removal (standard option). In this mode, the removal process begins with an analysis of the programs to be removed, followed by the launch of the standard removal mechanism. Upon completion, a search for remnants of removed applications is performed.

2. Only standard removal (without trace search). In this mode, the analysis and trace search will be skipped, and only the standard program removal mechanism will be executed.

3. Forced removal. Suitable for programs where the standard removal mechanism does not work. In this case, it will be skipped, and the utility will perform an analysis and search for remnants without involving the standard uninstallation mechanism.

In which utilities is the new feature available

The updated mass program removal feature is available in all products of our company that include a program removal tool. These are the following solutions:

Reg Organizer
Soft Organizer
Files Inspector

You can already download the latest version from our official website or update it through the built-in automatic update mechanism in the utilities.